Take a bite of the Apple Isle and you’ll wish you had more time to discover an untamed natural paradise at the remote edge of the earth – a land of hidden valleys, prehistoric rainforest and craggy coastlines that reveal testaments to an ancient past. The island of Tasmania is home to just 500,000 people and not only the most beautiful beach lined coasts but World Heritage-listed mountains which can be driven between in just a few hours.


The wonders of nature await on your Tassie adventure, from the vivid hues of the Southern Lights to the tantrums of the Tasmanian Devil, Spot the Tasmanian Devil on our Tasmanian Wonders trip and know that your holiday contributes directly to the Save the Devil Foundation, with Meyersplace donating annually to the protection of the iconic Australian marsupial.


  • Hobart
  • Launceston
  • Cradle Mountain
  • Freycinet National Park

Throughout our trips in Tasmania we offer full culturally immersive experiences. Travellers will gain a deeper understanding of early settlers in Sheffield through the murals painted in town, delve deep into historic Port Arthur guided by a local historian and visit Sarah Island for an insight into a relic of Tasmania’s convict history

An extravaganza of delicious foodie flavours, country charm and captivating heritage awaits.


An enchanting little city built around a beautiful yacht-studded harbour in the shadow of majestic Mt. Wellington. A strong sea- faring flavour and sense of the past gives Hobart an almost European air. This feeling is heightened in summer when Hobart gets plenty of sparkling blue days but temperatures rarely exceed 25°C. Many of Hobart’s beautiful early colonial sandstone buildings were erected with the sweat and blood of the unfortunate convicts who formed the majority of the first settlers in 1803. On our Tassie Getaway trip, you will be welcomed to Shene Estate near Hobart to enjoy both the stunning Australian historical architecture or the colonial era and an afternoon tea in the custodian, Anna Kernke’s home. Guests can also enjoy insider knowledge on the best food, wine and experiences in Hobart from their travel director on our Tassie’s Parks & Nature trip and explore the sights, sounds and flavours of the famous Salamanca market, an iconic Hobart must-do. Click here for your guide to visiting Hobart.


As one of Australia’s oldest cities, Launceston thrives as a hub for food, wine, culture and nature. The city boasts an incredible cityscape while still holding the historic charm with its Colonial and Victorian style buildings all while being surrounded by spectacular scenery. From the restaurants and bars of the Seaport Marina to the retail heart of CBD and to the Inveresk Precinct, home to the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, the city has some beautiful spots for you to explore. On our Tassie’s Parks & Nature itinerary, guests can see Launceston’s stunning Cataract Gorge before taking a scenic drive through the Tamar Valley's rolling hills for lunch and wine tasting at Josef Chromy Wines

Cradle Mountain

Set in the centre of western Tasmania, the alpine wilderness of Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park provides excellent bushwalking, scenery and photography. To the south is Lake St Clair and to the North is the stunning Cradle Mountain overlooking the reflective water to create a stunning scene. Visit Dove Lake, the starting point for the famed Cradle Mountain/Lake St. Clair walk, one of Tasmania’s premier walks. Native animals can be seen feeding in the early evening and on a guided walk on the Tasmanian Wonders trip you may spot Bennett’s wallabies, echidnas and pademelons along the way.

Freycinet National Park

Freycinet is a spectacular national park on Tasmania’s east coast. It features clean white sands, rocky headlands and granite peaks. There are many walking tracks through the park, with one of the most popular being the track to the Wineglass Bay lookout to take in the unforgettable view. On our Tassie Getaway Guided Holiday, guests can experience the exquisite beauty of Wineglass Bay with a cruise beneath the towering pink granite cliffs to the Bay and absorb the beauty of the National Park followed by a gourmet Ploughman’s lunch.

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